Smart Lubricants solutions
Smart Lubricants solutions

Exclusive sales representative of LPC S.A. (Greece) in Ukraine.

Exclusive sales representative of VALVOLINE (Netherlands) in Ukraine

Official sales representative of CHAMPION (Belgium) in Ukraine

We supply lubricants. Our main value is to offer our business partner an effective solution in this field.

   It is achieved in two main ways. First – by supplied products assortment optimization. Often selection and recommendation of technical oils and greases vendors are made incorrectly in order to sell more expensive materials which leads to senseless costs. Moreover, it is unacceptable in crisis time. The level of lubricants which are used in machinery and equipment should be reasonable in accordance with the state of the technology and equipment based on real operating conditions and the customer demands as well.

   The second way to improve the efficiency of our business partners is to offer products at effective prices. We cooperate with well-known European manufacturers of lubricants directly and represent their interests in Ukraine. Direct contracts, efficient logistics and a reasonable approach to pricing distinguish our company from the majority of distribution organizations in our country.

   We are so glad to offer our partnership. We are pleased to respond on your inquiry and also we are ready to prepare technical lubes selection, commercial offer or arrange meeting to discuss our possible cooperation.

Sincerely yours, SMART OIL.