Smart Lubricants solutions
Smart Lubricants solutions


LPC S.A. (CYCLON) is an industrial and commercial company, a pioneer in the field of petrochemicals, being the only enterprise in Greece that is active at the same time in the industrial production of lubricants (base oils included), the production and trade of packaged lubrication products and the sale of liquid fuels. Company’s main products are CYCLON fuels, CYCLON base oils and CYCLON lubricants.

CYCLON is well-known for the high quality of its processing and enjoys an enviable reputation in the market for its professionalism and business acumen. An impressive list of international and domestic companies employ CYCLON to produce complete ranges of products locally on their behalf.

CYCLON’s ultimate goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction, using its fast and friendly sales network to ofer the market premium quality products and services. CYCLON will continue as always to place special emphasis on the protection and care of the environment, an area in which there can be no compromises. CYCLON was founded in 1981 under LPC’s name with the construction of refinery and lubricants production plant at the same time, built in strict accordance with the recommendations and guidance of both K.T.I. Netherlands Institute and Institut Francais du Petrole (I.F.P.). CYCLON also took benefit from using the vast experience and knowledge of TECHNIPETROL.

Since that time and until March 2002 when LPC, company’s original name has been changed in CYCLON HELLAS S.A., has formerly established itself as leader in the market and, through hard work, experience and endeavor, has continued to move onwards and upwards by:

• Becoming a technological vanguard in the global field of oil products, recognized as being one of the most advanced and well organized lubricant production units worldwide
• Its tenacious entrance into the field of fuels trade through a continuously growing dealership network promoting the CYCLON brand
• Development of “open-shop”, convenience stores in selected service stations throughout Greece
• Its commitment to the environment
• Continuous implementation of the highest European production standards, thanks not only to its participation in the EU’ s research programs but also through its own active on-going research in the field of oil products.